For Immediate Release MP Cheryl Gallant Thank-you for Your Vote of Confidence!

Thank-you for Your Vote of Confidence!

On behalf of my husband Jamie and my daughters Chantal, Lauren, Ellyse and Amelia, a heartfelt thank-you to the Conservative Party riding members for their overwhelming vote of confidence in nominating me as their candidate for the next federal election.

I am fully humbled and gratified by your support.

As a democratic political party, membership in the Conservative Party gives every member the right to choose who will represent them in the next federal election.

For the past 6 elections, Conservative Party members have had the added privilege of seeing their candidate become their representative in the Parliament of Canada.

The Conservative party calls for nominations before every federal election.

Unlike other political parties that believe their women candidates should not be required to compete with men on an equal basis, I was shown no favouritism because of gender, nor have I ever asked for special treatment.

Voters certainly do not make that distinction, particularly in this riding. They vote for the best candidate.

I have always competed on the basis of ability. And, it shows in the calibre of female Conservative MP representation in Ottawa.

The nomination process has been an opportunity to rejuvenate our local organization. We developed a great nomination team. Everyone is eager to fight the next election.

There is no doubt my campaign was helped by the rising level of anger and frustration with a federal government that is out of touch with middle-class Canadians.

The decision to target people of faith for their personal beliefs has angered people of all religions.

Many small business owners and doctors have told me they will never vote for Trudeau’s party again.

Canadian Veterans felt particularly betrayed by Trudeau when he told a Veteran he did not recognize his sacrifices.

There are millions of dollars to give to a convicted terrorist, however no money for the victims of roadside bombs.

I was interested to read in social media, the Liberal candidate who ran against me in the 2015 election, who was a veteran himself, condemn the Liberal party for using him as a party prop in a picture during the election, with no intention of honouring any promises made to veterans for their votes.

Our democratic nomination process has attracted many others who used to support other political parties. It’s a reflection of how badly they want to see Trudeau out.

It speaks volumes that prominent Liberals have come over to the Conservatives.