REPORT FROM PARLIAMENT Liberals Welcome Foreign Influence April 15 2019

Liberals Welcome Foreign Influence

The decision to oppose transparency legislation confirms the worst fears Canadians have about the governing Liberals. Their vote against Bill C-278, proves the federal Liberals are not concerned about foreign interference.  They are just using the issue to set up a censorship board for the upcoming federal election. The Foreign Lobbyist Transparency Act, which I […]

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Trudeau Must Resign

Justin Trudeau simply cannot continue to govern this great nation now that Canadians know what he has done. He has lost the moral authority to govern. He must resign. The RCMP must immediately open an investigation into the numerous examples of potentially criminal activity Ms. Wilson-Raybould detailed. This was clearly an unwanted, sustained, and co-ordinated […]

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Classic Get Out of Jail

20 Questions for Trudeau

Justin Trudeau still has not come clean to Canadians about his knowledge of and role in reported attempts from his office to influence the criminal prosecution of SNC-Lavalin. Mr. Trudeau must answer the following 20 questions immediately: On his Sept. 17, 2018 meeting with Jody Wilson-Raybould: 1. Did he request this meeting?  2. Was he […]

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Canada Summer Jobs Featured

Canada Summer Jobs Now Accepting Applications

I am pleased to announce that the Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) Program is officially accepting applications for summer 2019. The Canada Summer Jobs program provides employers the chance to create much-needed summer job opportunities for young Canadians, while strengthening our local economies and communities. These summer jobs allow for youth to gain experience, learn new […]

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MP Cheryl Gallant attends NATO PA Assembly 1200

Report From Parliament

As your Federal Member of Parliament, a regular question I get is “Why is Canada’s deficit so high?” and “Why does this government think it can spend more than it collects in taxes?” These questions are particularly important to Veterans, who are lectured to, by an insensitive Prime Minister, Municipalities, who are waiting on promises […]

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Four Horsemen of the Liberal Apocalypse


 The Little Book of Lies First, the bad news about the fall economic statement delivered by the federal government. Liberal policy to load today’s economy with future tax increases will burden your children. The debt burden for your children will first be your burden as the federal carbon tax starts in little more than a […]

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