Affordable Food


It has been a rough year for agricultural producers. Carbon taxes have seen energy prices soar. High rainfall in Eastern Ontario has delayed planting, and rotted crops. Our largest trading partner has demanded an end to supply managed sectors. Yet the Trudeau government thinks our farmers can handle a few more punches.

Without waiting to see the outcome of a comprehensive review due next year, the Trudeau Liberals are making arbitrary cuts to farming risk management programs. They are demonizing dairy products with its changes to the Canada’s Food Guide, and further stigmatizing them by potentially requiring warning symbols. The most brutal hit of all is a plan to drain the financial security of our farm families.

To pay for their continued bad spending Trudeau, and the other spendthrifts in his caucus, plan to change the way farmers are allowed to save for their retirements, and pass the business on to the next generation.

They got away with doing this to storage unit and campground owners last year. Now it is farmers, doctors and other small business owners who will have to hollow out their retirement savings, so Trudeau can flit around the world handing out billions of dollars.

It is the children who go to school with no lunch because their parents already cannot afford to pay the high price of food who will go hungry.

Just like the emergency room patients waiting hours on end for a doctor, who will suffer longer.

Just like the workers who will lose their jobs because the owner has to cut somewhere, workers will pay the price.

Just like the low income earners who have to say no to the family camping trip, they have no place to stay.Trudeau is out of touch with reality. Let him know.

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