Trudeau is Failing Canadians Living with Disabilities

5 years ago, I introduced a Private Members Bill to protect Canadians living with disabilities from being exploited by tax credit promoters.

4 years ago, my bill was passed unanimously by the House of Commons. Every Member of Parliament, including Justin Trudeau, agreed this bill was necessary and needs to become law.

3 years ago, the bill received Royal Assent by the Governor General and became law. All that was missing were regulations on what amount fees would be capped at.

2 years ago, CRA started and concluded their consultations with the public and stakeholders on the bill. The consultations finished around the time of the 2015 Federal election. All that was needed was for cabinet to approve the regulations and Canadians living with disabilities would get the protection they deserve.

1 year ago, the lobbying began. A group of tax credit promoters – those who would be restricted by my bill – started to lobby Liberal MPs in an effort to stop this bill.   30 different Liberal MPs have since been lobbied by this group, some multiple times.

Today, the regulations have still not come into force. Cabinet has been sitting on them for nearly two years, despite all the Cabinet Ministers, who in the last Parliament voted for my law.

It is quite clear what has happened here – the Liberals have, once again, listened to the wishes of Lobbyists instead of Canadians. These regulations are needed to prevent the exploitation of Canadians living with disabilities and the longer the Liberals stall the more Canadians are taken advantage of.

My bill needs to be brought into force!

Call on Justin Trudeau to protect Canadians living with a disability.

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