Our Government’s Budget, A Low-Tax Plan for Jobs and Growth, is focused on helping Canadian families.  That starts with keeping taxes low.  Thanks to the numerous measures our Government has taken, including cutting the GST by two percentage points, the federal tax burden on Canadians is the lowest in 50 years.  In fact, the average family of four now pays almost $3,100 less in taxes than in 2006.

We’ve also helped Canadian families improve their homes and reduce ongoing energy costs by extending the ecoENERGY retrofit program.  And, we’re helping families enrol their children in the activities that enrich their lives and make them happier and healthier, with measures like the Children’s Fitness and Arts tax credits and the Universal Child Care Benefit.

Canadian families are contributing to our great country in many ways.  Stephen Harper’s Conservative Government is proud to be helping families contribute even more in the coming years.

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