Laurentian Hills, Chalk River Laboratories- “It is a well established fact that communities have greater success assisting existing businesses hire additional employees than trying to attract new businesses to set up here,” stated Cheryl Gallant, MP Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke. “That was the idea behind my invitation to Ottawa Valley businesses to make a presentation to the Chalk River Laboratories.”

Over the summer MP Gallant met with a number of local businesses in the Aerospace, Defence, Nuclear and Forestry sectors, as part of her regular summer outreach program that includes conducting Constituency Clinics for residents in the more outlying regions of the riding.

“By having local companies gain a better understanding of what Chalk River Laboratories do, I am encouraging these enterprises to source goods and services locally. By sourcing goods and services locally, jobs are created here in the Ottawa Valley,” remarked Cheryl Gallant, MP.

“I was pleased to organize a number of local employers including ETM Industries, Nu Tech, Plaintree Systems, Pacific Safety Products, Magellan Aerospace, Mobility Lab, SRB and Bubble Technologies to come to Chalk River.”

“It is important for local business to know how to access both service and tenders with a company like AECL. Opportunities arise on a regular basis. With all the expansion happening with this major Federal Government employer, the opportunity a business could be seeking, may be right in it’s own back yard.”

Months before our principle trading partner the United States declared its heightened protectionist measures in the “Buy American” declaration, local business contacted MP Gallant about unfair trade practices being implemented by America. In addition to receiving complaints of the US selling products for less than the cost of production, MP Gallant has been investigating allegations of inflated values on Industrial Regional Benefit requirements for Canadian Government contracts, and reports of penalties by the current US Administration to US manufacturers who include Canadian products and services as part of their supply chain on US government contracts.

“It is important for employers to stay in touch with my office. I need to know about such things as whether the “Buy America” declaration, or “dumping” are having a negative impact on someone’s livelihood so that I can take action,” concluded Cheryl Gallant, MP.

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