On Tuesday, the Harper Government introduced legislation to scrap the wasteful and ineffective long-gun registry.

Our Government has long opposed the registry because it needlessly and unfairly targets law-abiding Canadians, while doing nothing to reduce crime or strengthen our efforts to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

We have always stood on the side of law-abiding farmers, duck hunters, and rural Canadians in every region of the country.

Since created, the long-gun registry has wasted taxpayers dollars.  This money should instead be used to crack down on real criminals, not law-abiding citizens.

Canadians gave our Government a strong mandate to end the registry, which is why we have introduced the Ending the Long-Gun Registry Act – to scrap it once and for all.

Our Conservative Government will continue to take action to make our streets and communities safer by getting tough on real criminals and not law-abiding Canadians.

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