Ottawa, ON- Last month MP Cheryl Gallant demonstrated the support AECL and Chalk River Laboratories has in Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke by delivering over a thousand submissions to the Honourable Joe Oliver, the Minister of Natural Resources.  It is important the Prime Minister and other decision makers know the extent to which AECL and Chalk River Laboratories are vital to Canada’s national interests.

“Together with a critical role in public health, national security, and environmental protection, AECL and Chalk River Laboratories mean jobs, growth, and long term prosperity,” said MP Cheryl Gallant. “I am asking supporters of AECL and Chalk River Labs to help me share that message with other Ministers.”

This week MP Cheryl Gallant wrote to supporters of Chalk River Laboratories:

Thank you very much for your indication of support for Chalk River Laboratories. One of the aspects the government is considering in the future of AECL is its success in receiving payment for their services from non-governmental sources, and its ability to work with the private sector to commercialize products developed by our scientists and technicians.

Last week an excellent example of how the research conducted at AECL has resulted in job creation was published in the Apr. 24 issue of the Daily Observer or Apr. 25 edition of The North Renfrew Times and the Apr 27 weekend circulation of The News.

The articles state how Tyne Engineering has worked in close collaboration with AECL in developing a variety of nuclear technologies, and hopes to see that relationship expand in the future. Recently a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held at the former Zetec building on Deep River’s Highway 17 corridor to mark the official opening of Tyne Engineering’s new manufacturing, development and test facility.”The firm’s expansion to Deep River also comes with local job opportunities, as upwards of 20 jobs are expected to be created at the 9,000 square foot facility”.

It would be very helpful for the Prime Minister to see the support for AECL in the community through an emphasis on the fact that the people of Chalk River Laboratories have already been successful in turning science into new industries and more employment for Canadians. Please, clip the news article referred to above and mail it to:

The Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper
Prime Minister of Canada
313-S Centre Block
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON, K1A 0A6

No postage is necessary.

Please, accept my appreciation of your efforts in advance.


Cheryl Gallant, M.P.


In addition to sending in examples of how AECL/CRL help create jobs, growth, and long term prosperity to the Prime Minister, supporters of AECL/CRL can go online and sign the petition to the Prime Minister and Cabinet. Supporters of are encouraged to share the petition by email, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

To sign the petition and support AECL and CRL, visit www.cherylgallant.com today.



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