The Minister of Public Safety, Vic Toews, has tabled in Parliament proposed Firearms Information Regulations (Non-Restricted Firearms) so that businesses would not be required as a condition of a licence to collect and keep point-of-sale data with respect to long guns.

Our Government has successfully passed legislation to scrap the wasteful and ineffective long-gun registry once and for all. Now, with the regulations we are proposing under the Firearms Act, we will ensure that a long-gun registry will not be created through the back door.

While businesses will continue to be able to keep normal business records, they will no longer be required to keep the information that identifies the buyer of a non-restricted firearm. This will eliminate the potential for the re-creation of the federal long-gun registry.

The will of Parliament will be respected. Our Government stands up for law-abiding Canadians.

We scrapped the wasteful and ineffective gun registry and we will keep it scrapped.

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