Photo: M.P. Cheryl Gallant and Lianne Ing, Vice President of Bubble Technology Industries (BTI) are shown with the company’s new state-of-the-art FlexSpec Mobile radiation detection system, used in security operations.  For more information on this product, visit Bubble Technology’s Website.

Ottawa, Ontario – Cheryl Gallant, M.P. for Renfrew—Nipissing–Pembroke, is pleased to announce the Federal Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) is now accepting proposals. The BCIP provides Canadian innovators with the opportunity to compete in a fair Government purchasing process to sell their goods and services, get feedback on their products, connect with potential clients, and improve their understanding of how to sell to Public Works (PWGSC).

“Our goal as a government is to fuel the spirit and drive of innovation in Canada,” said MP Gallant. “The Build in Canada Innovation Program will continue its track-record of helping kick-start Canadian businesses to get their research and development projects from the lab to the marketplace.”

The Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) is a procurement program that was created as a pilot in 2010, and has now been made permanent to bolster innovation in Canada’s business sector, and to help companies bridge the pre-commercialization gap for their innovative products and services. By selling to the federal government, businesses can demonstrate the value of their inventions, and potentially generate future sales to non-government customers in Canada, and around the world.

To build on the early success of this pilot program, Economic Action Plan 2012 allocated additional funding for three years, starting in 2013. As of 2016, $40 million will be permanently dedicated to the BCIP annually.

The current Call for Proposals, which includes a military component, is currently available until January 7, 2014.

For more information about the program or on details for how to apply please, visit buyandsell.gc.ca/initiatives-and-programs/build-in-canada-innovation-program-bcip


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