Southern Ontario, Canada… Cheryl Gallant, MP Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke, Chair of the Conservative Nuclear Caucus, led a delegation from the nuclear caucus, in co-operation with the Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries, in a tour of OCI member industries.

“The tour was an excellent success. Canadians have much to be proud of. The future is nuclear,” remarked Cheryl Gallant, MP. “Innovation Valley North, my plan to bring jobs to the Upper Ottawa Valley, would benefit with the locating of more OCI nuclear industry supply chain employers, to take advantage of the work being done at the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories at Chalk River.”

The Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCI) is an association of almost 180 private sector suppliers of products and services to the Canadian and offshore nuclear industries, (95% Ontario based).›OCI member companies employ more than 12,000 highly qualified nuclear specialists. ›OCI companies have strong CANDU capability as well as qualifications and skills to support offshore PWR projects.

“I am concerned by the lack of support and outright hostility by some Members of the Opposition in Ottawa to the Nuclear Industry in Canada. That could jeopardize 2700 direct jobs and many more in spin-off employment in the Upper Ottawa Valley,|” stated Cheryl Gallant, MP. “Unfortunately, there is a great deal of misinformation repeated about the nuclear industry. Opposition MPs need to respect science and members of our own scientific nuclear community before they make false statements. Nuclear is a valuable source of Green-House Gas Free economical power generation.”

Nuclear technology has a strong political dimension and requires government support from the vendors’ country. Nuclear vendors in France, Korea, US, Japan and Russia have direct government involvement in the marketing and financing of their projects. Strong support from government departments, agencies and ministries can increase success of CANDU Energy initiatives in existing and emerging markets. Latest successes with CANDU sales in China and Romania demonstrate the importance of political involvement and availability of export credit. Commercial success in CANDU export sales can lead to significant revenues for both the Canadian nuclear supply chain and the Canadian taxpayer.

An offshore Twin CANDU Project will result in approximately 37,000 person years of employment and will increase real GDP by a cumulative $3.8 billion. The benefit comes without cost to Canadian tax payers. Indirect taxes will increase by a cumulative $508 million; Personal income tax collections by a cumulative $507 millions; Corporate income tax by a cumulative $682 million. Job creation is concentrated in high-wage segments that include manufacturing, engineering and business services. These gains do not take into account the direct royalty payments the Government of Canada will receive for each CANDU unit built abroad.

Every new CANDU build brings direct and sub-contracted work to the laboratory facility at Chalk River.

“Canada is a successful nuclear pioneer, with 60 years of experience as a Tier 1 nuclear nation. The future success of the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories at Chalk River depend on a Member of Parliament who is committed to its success,” concluded Cheryl Gallant, MP.

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