I am looking for an early Christmas, not a lump of coal when Parliament opens,” said local Federal MP Cheryl Gallant. The MP was responded to the opening of the new Parliament and what Canadians might expect from the Speech From The Throne.

“My constituents tell me their concerns are healthcare, employment and the fear of rising taxes. All we are hearing is talk about the climate. No one is telling me that is their first concern.”

Reacting to the news that Trudeau’s official Syrian migrant greeter in Montreal will be paid $1,800/day, up to $110,000 over a 3 month period, MP Cheryl Gallant stated she had many constituents who would be happy greeting newcomers for that amount of money.

“Christmas came early for that liberal supporter,” observed MP Gallant.

Before Parliament has even sat, jet-setting around the world, Trudeau already spent $2.6 billion on a UN Climate Fund and has committed spending $300 million/year on a fund to find technological ways to replace the jobs lost to UN Climate Fund schemes. This spending is in addition to the billions committed to bringing Syrian migrants to Canada.

“While Trudeau is busy pledging financial aid to end poverty in Vietnam and developing APEC countries, he needs to worry about the plight of Canadians.”

According to The Ontario Common Front, an Ontario anti-poverty coalition of 90 not-for-profits, a quarter-million jobs have completely vanished from Ontario and fully half of all Ontarians have seen little or no improvement in their incomes. According to report author Natalie Mehra, “Ontario is dead last in funding for social programs and, by nearly every measure, it is trailing every other province in income equality and poverty reduction. While it is hard to start a family anywhere in Canada, young families in Ontario are struggling with the largest student debt loads, the most expensive child care, the worst access to affordable housing and highest costs for health care — all at a time when good jobs are being replaced with precarious, part-time and temporary employment.”

“The Speech From The Throne will set the course for the Federal Government for the next four years. Now that Trudeau has broken his first election promise, it should not be hard for him to break some of his other foolish promises like making illicit drugs more available to children by selling pot in corner stores. I want the speech from the throne to focus on families and seniors, concluded Cheryl Gallant, MP.

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