“Valley residents can expect hard times as the Trudeau throne speech confirms his election promise to raise payroll taxes,” stated Cheryl Gallant, MP for Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke. “Payroll taxes are job killers. Small business in my Riding cannot afford the additional taxes that are being announced by the Trudeau government. This will stop the job growth of the last 10 years. Small business in Ontario is already being crushed by crippling high electricity rates. Expect bankruptcies to rise under this government.”

“When we lowered taxes on income, we did it for the whole population. When we set in place a system to help families with kids, we did it for all families. Trudeau is already cherry-picking, deciding which part of the population they want to get votes from. That is not the way to build a country,”

“Disappointed seniors are asking me to fight the cutbacks to the tax-free savings accounts.”

“Working families are disappointed with the changes to the Conservative universal childcare benefit and ending income splitting for couples. During the election Trudeau attacked Conservative support for families saying wealthy trust fund millionaires like himself did not need taxpayers’ help with childcare. Safely elected, he almost immediately put his family’s two nannies on the public payroll, deceptively listed as ‘special assistants’. Here we see hypocrisy, entitlement, deception and also cheapness. Renaming the Trudeau nannies ‘special child assistants’ fools no one,” said MP Gallant.

“Talk about the environment is cheap with the first decision by the Trudeau environment Minister is to dump 80 billion litres of Montreal’s raw sewage into the St. Lawrence River. Trudeau gave away 2.65 billion of Canadians’ taxpayers dollars to the UN Climate Change Fund as one of his first acts. What about the needs of Canadians? What about the communities downstream and their drinking water?

“Garrison Petawawa is a major local employer in my Riding. It was absolutely deceitful for Trudeau not to be truthful about his plan to cut the military as announced in the throne speech,” stated MP Cheryl Gallant. “Canada is not back, Canada is backing away. ISIS has demonstrated its ability to carry out attacks around the world and has repeatedly called upon its members to target Canadians at home and abroad. At a time when our allies are strengthening their resolve to defeat this terrorist organization, we must stand side by side with our partners. Canada must remain a contributing member of the international coalition’s air bombing campaign.”

“The Trudeau government was silent on support for private sector businesses and industries, which actually create the good, stable, well-paying jobs upon which Canadian families depend. There was no mention of the agriculture, forestry, or energy sectors. There was no mention of a plan to help the more than 250,000 Ontarians who are facing Christmas without a job thanks to the high electricity rate policy of the Toronto liberal party,” concluded Cheryl Gallant, MP.

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