Today, I was proud to rise in the House of Commons and question the Minister of Defence about the decision to remove the CF-18 Fighter Jets from Canada’s fight against ISIL. This critical decision could mean the difference between life and death for our troops in Iraq, including many of the family and friends of my constituents.

The Liberals’ focus on humanitarian and security assistance is simply an attempt by them to distract away from the withdrawal of the CF-18s from the mission. They remain incoherent on the air combat mission. They have not provided any explanation of how the withdrawal of the CF-18s will help the coalition more effectively able to defeat ISIS. Despite the Liberal Government’s supposed opposition to bombing, Canadian aircraft will continue to refuel planes that conduct airstrikes and identify targets for them.

42nd Parliament, 1st Session
Official Report (Hansard)
Thursday, February 18th, 2016
Oral Questions

Mrs. Cheryl Gallant (Renfrew—Nipissing—Pembroke, Conservative):

Mr. Speaker, I am proud to represent the women and men of Garrison Petawawa, home to the Canadian Special Operations Regiment.
Yesterday, we learned that the Liberals have already withdrawn the CF-18 air cover for our troops on the ground.
The families of CSOR, those who provide the boots on the ground for this change in mission want to know,
Is the minister prepared to take full responsibility for putting their loved ones at increased risk just to fulfill a campaign promise?

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