I’m proud to say that last week, I was elected as the Vice-Chair to the Standing Committee on National Defence.

I have sat on the Standing Committee on National Defence since I was first elected to Parliament in 2000. During my time as a member on this important committee, I have played a key role in ensuring our women and men in uniform are taken care of by our Government.

I look forward to serving on this committee once again, this time not only as a member of the committee, but also as its Vice-Chair. As a member of the opposition on this committee, I will work hard to hold this Liberal Government accountable for the choices it makes relating to our national defence, especially in our fight, or lack thereof, against ISIS.

Trudeau has been very unclear about what our role will be in our fight against ISIS. Recent decisions by the new Liberal Government have led to more troops on the ground in northern Iraq without the protection they need from our Air Force. Decisions like these have left Canadians worried about the safety of our troops overseas.

The families of the Canadian Special Operations Regiment (CSOR) are my constituents. They rely on me to make sure their Government is working to keep them safe wherever they may be deployed. And as Vice-Chair of the Standing Committee of National Defence, I plan to do everything I can to ensure their safety. With the CF-18 Canadian Fighter Jets no longer protecting our troops on the ground, this task will be more important now than before

Along with my years of experience on this committee, I have also been a long-time member the Canada NATO Parliamentary Association, as well as its Chair for the last four years. My time on the Canada NATO Parliamentary Association has given me the opportunity to help shape Canada’s image on the international stage. I plan on using my new position on this standing committee to ensure we continue to meet our potential as a globally strategic defence partner.

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