March 4, 2016 - MP Gallant Announces New Accessibility Funding in Calabogie

I was pleased visit Calabogie Peaks Resort to announce $44,200 in funding through the Enabling Accessibility Fund (EAF). The funding will go towards the Paving a Pathway to Enable Accessibility to Activities and Building at Calabogie Peaks.

Paul and Liz Murphy have made Calabogie Peaks a leader in accessibility advocacy and working to advance the lives of Canadians living with disabilities.

These renovations will be vital to the services offered at Calabogie Peaks for Canadians living with disabilities, including Calabogie Adaptive Snowsports Centre of Excellence and the headquarters of the Canadian Association of Disabled Skiing (CADS).

The funding will go towards the paving of pathways and handicapped parking spaces at Calabogie Peaks.

Many disabled Canadians participate in the Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing (CADS) Sunday Ski Program. The centre is also home to a five-day Winter Sports Clinic for injured military veterans and Community Living Days for disabled adults in Renfrew County. Special features include two wheelchair ramps, a large washroom equipped with adult change facilities and a 300-square foot basement storage space for skis, sit skis and other specialized adaptive equipment.

The EAF was established in 2008 by our Conservative Government to help fund small projects in communities across Canada to improve physical accessibility for persons with disabilities. Between 2008 and 2010 the program provided funding to hundreds of accessibility projects across Canada.

It is currently unknown if the Liberal Government will be renewing funding for this program. If you are interested in applying or you would like more information on eligibility or on how to apply should it be renewed, please click here.

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