Is political correctness putting Canadians at risk? That question needs to be asked following ill-advised comments made by senior Trudeau advisors about the recent vote in Great Britain to leave the European Union (EU). The referendum vote for British Exit from the EU, dubbed “BREXIT,” while encouraging a debate on the benefits of trade, also became an opportunity for millions of average Britons to express their discomfort with EU immigration policy. Their opinions were being stifled by the use of “political correctness.”

In the hands of liberal left-wing pundits, political correctness is used as a weapon to silence people whose arguments they cannot honestly refute, or refuse to acknowledge.

Many Canadians have concerns about the liberal policy decision to favour the immigration for tens of thousands of refugees and economic migrants, while ignoring the plight of Middle Eastern Christians and Yazidis, whose persecution by the terrorist group ISIS has been recognized as genocide by the United Nations (U.N.) Rather than listen to the voices of average Canadians, the Trudeau liberals were only recently shamed into joining the rest of the civilized world in recognizing the genocide that is taking place in the Middle East.

They still refuse to take concrete action.

Likewise, is the decision to turn a blind eye to the plight of Kevin Garrett, an innocent missionary being held against his will by the Chinese Communist Government. Is political correctness preventing criticizing this and the outrageous treatment in China of the Falun Gong, a harmless spiritual discipline, and the illegal harvest of body parts from Falon Gong prisoners for sale?

The liberal government has abandoned Canadian values that were practised by our previous Conservative Government.

The question of Canadians at risk needs to be asked after revelations by former British Labour MP Ann Cryer over the withholding of information by authorities in her country about recent immigrants grooming adolescent girls for sexual exploitation.

In Canada, is political correctness preventing the identification of perpetrators of hideous crimes for fear of being called a racist?

Are liberal supporters using the language of diversity and human rights to push an un-Canadian agenda that may include endangering the lives of our most vulnerable citizens, our children? The BREXIT “leave” vote was as much a backlash by average Britons over what they saw as unacceptable changes occurring in their society as it was a referendum on trade.

It is naïve to believe what is happening in Great Britain and Europe cannot happen in Canada.

The proper role of the Federal Government is to listen to all voices – to respect different points of view.

Unlike the political correctness crowd in Ottawa and Toronto, I made a promise to all constituents when I was first elected to stay open-minded, embrace new information and thoroughly research issues before passing judgment.

I have always had the courage to say “I don’t know,” when appropriate.

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