Did you receive an odd Christmas coloured post card in the mail recently marked Government of Canada? While taxpayers cannot be blamed for dismissing it as more partisan propaganda from a government addicted to bad spending, if you did not use it to light your woodstove or fireplace, you may want to re-think that decision.

Under the guise of seeking ways to change how people vote in Canada without the legitimacy of a referendum, the card directs you to a non-government website to provide identifying information that a taxpayer from Kitchener believes was used to send him a pitch for money. Even an NDP member of the all-party Committee on Electoral Reform has observed:

“They know a lot about you, with that much information, and there’s worries that this eventually turns into a Liberal fundraising list. If the government was collecting data for partisan use, that would be one of the most unethical and cynical things imaginable.”

Some election promises are made to be broken. Out of control deficit spending is one, and the attempt by the Trudeau/Wynne party to rejig how Canadians vote is another. Using electoral reform as a partisan fundraiser is the same mindset as the cash-for-access fundraisers the Trudeau/Wynne party uses to collect money from lobbyists seeking special government favours. After one such fundraiser in Toronto, a Chinese billionaire made a million dollar donation to the Trudeau family foundation. Even more bizarre, with the collapse of communism when liberated countries pulled down statues erected to murderous communist dictators like Josef Stalin, a Chinese communist billionaire gave $50,000 to erect a statute to the Prime Minister’s dead father.

Do not expect a Lump of Coal this Christmas in your stocking

Traditionally for Christmas, children who have been naughty could expect a lump of coal in their stockings. Since the burning of coal (and soon firewood) is considered “politically incorrect,” this year, naughty taxpayers who voted for higher federal taxes and huge deficit budgets can expect a carbon tax in their stocking. Fortunately, for the majority of Canadians who voted the last election for balanced budgets, there is still the joy of Christmas and hope for the New Year.

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