Trudeau’s Cabinet shuffle was just one more illustration of the Liberals’ hostility toward small businesses. By not appointing a Minister solely responsible for Small Business and Tourism, the Trudeau Liberals are telling Canadians about the diminished importance they place on small businesses.

Currently the Minister of Small Business and Tourism is pulling double duty as the Liberal House Leader, and she is failing in both roles. She inherited the worst legislative record in recent history from the previous Liberal House Leader.

Rather than support the first female government House Leader, the PM left her to work double duty as House Leader and Minister of Small Business and Tourism.

The results are clear.

While I am pleased her incompetence as House Leader is stalling bad legislation, Canada’s private campgrounds are still getting letters from the Canada Revenue Agency telling them they are too small to qualify for the small business tax rate. Instead they must pay a tax rate that in some cases have tripled. Some of the campgrounds now closed for the winter won’t be able to afford to re-open in the spring.

I wrote to the Minister of Small Business and Tourism asking her to stand up for Canada’s campgrounds, but instead she stood up to defend the tax collectors. We have a Minister for Small Business and Tourism who will not fight for small businesses in the tourism industry.

The PM’s hostility to small businesses has been clear since the last election when he said small businesses are nothing more than tax shelters. So, it is not surprising a Liberal Minister wouldn’t do anything to support family run campgrounds.

All campers who enjoy Canada’s outdoors should let the PM know they want him to stop these attacks.

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