This week, the Minister of Environment announced that she is holding consultations on Canada’s National Parks, under the title, “Let’s Talk Parks, Canada!”. I’d like to welcome the Minister to the conversation.

I started this conversation last fall when I wrote to family run campgrounds across Canada. I asked them to support my petition calling on the Government to stop taxing family run campgrounds with less than 5 full time employees as if they were multi-national corporations.

I have been standing up in Parliament to present these petitions as fast as they have been coming in. Over three hundred signatures have already been presented. Over a thousand more signatures have since come in that I will be presenting when Parliament resumes.

I will continue to stand up for family run campgrounds in the face of a Prime Minister so hostile to small businesses, but I need your help.

I need you stand with me and fight for fair taxation for family run campgrounds.

You can join the fight in three ways:

  1. Visit cherylgallant.com/letstalkparkscanada and tell the Minister to stand up for all campgrounds whether they are family run or government run.
  2. Tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter to stand up for campgrounds
  3. Go camping for summer vacation!

Over the next few days, I will start posting petition presentation videos on my Facebook Page from all different campgrounds across Canada. If you want to see one from your riding, download the petition, get 25 signatures, and mail it back to me.

We have a Minister for Small Business and Tourism who won’t stand up for small businesses. We have a Liberal Government subsidizing the biggest competitor to family run campgrounds. Worst of all, we have a Parliament full of Liberal MPs who won’t stand up and fight for their constituents.

Let's Talk Parks Canada

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