Carbon Taxes will make the Canadian economy less competitive at a time when new U.S. President Donald Trump wants to ease regulatory burdens on industry and lower corporate taxes. Jobs lost in the manufacturing sector in Ontario as a result of the carbon tax on electricity will stay in places like Ohio, Michigan and New York instead of returning to Canada. Carbon taxes are job killers.”

The following statement was issued last week by the new U.S. President’s transition team: “When a company that’s in the U.S. moves to a place, whether it’s Canada or Mexico, or any other country seeking to put U.S. workers at a disadvantage,” then the incoming administration “is going to do everything he can to deter that.”

Canada will face tariffs if cross-border trade is seen to disadvantage U.S. workers. The warning comes from a spokesperson, who has likely been briefed about the TrudeauWynnes’ party close association with the failed Presidential campaign of Hilary Clinton.

Refusing to go to the Presidential inauguration is a bad way to continue with the mistake the Liberal party made during the US election by supporting Hilary Clinton. By interfering in the election of another democratic country, Trudeau and his advisors put the economic prosperity of Canada at risk for their own selfish political gain. Revelations from WikiLeaks during the American election showed the TrudeauWynne Liberals involved the Clinton campaign in their “cash-for-access” fundraisers.”

After the initial shock at the gas pumps on New Year’s Day, Ottawa Valley residents are getting another shock as the carbon tax impacts their home energy bills. Toronto Liberal Party leader Kathleen Wynne has estimated she will collect between $6-billion and $8-billion for Trudeau in carbon taxes over the next five years, much of it from higher costs for gasoline and natural gas for home heating.

Lower taxes will trump a carbon tax any time. The news for Canadians just keeps getting worse and worse. Budgets do not just ‘balance themselves.’ Federal debt will cross the $1 trillion mark around 2031. It is currently $635 billion.   Trudeau’s tax-and-spend plan has failed. Full-time jobs are disappearing, taxes are higher, and the only solution the Liberals have to offer is more of the same.

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