When Trudeau is a Threat to Democracy

It is no co-incidence that Trudeau and his party used Federal Budget week to slip in fundamental changes to the rules governing how democracy works in Canada. That, and passing government Motion 103, which seeks to limit free speech in Canada, is not out of character for someone who openly admires murderous dictators like Fidel Castro, and China for being a one-party state.

As the politically expedient calculation goes, the fake media in Canada is so distracted with repeating PMO talking points and other bafflegab associated with Federal Budget 2017, they initially missed reporting the real news coming from Ottawa: Democracy in Canada is under assault.

It was only after elements of the changes being pushed by liberals were exposed by all the Opposition parties in unity in Ottawa, such as the plan by Trudeau to show up in Parliament for only 45 minutes, one day a week, that members of the media were forced to report the backroom power play.

This is not the first time the leader of the liberal party has acted in “selfie” interest at the expense of democracy.

The decision to renege on the campaign promise to change the way you vote in a Canadian election only happened when Trudeau was not getting his way to just accept changes that gave his party an electoral advantage.

That campaign promise was never about what was good for Canada and all Canadians.

It was a fake promise.

By trying to stop the Official Opposition in Ottawa from doing its constitutionally mandated role to hold the government accountable, you the taxpayer will suffer.

The announcement by the County of Renfrew that it is spending your tax dollars to hire an Ottawa lobbyist to plead for infrastructure funding to widen of Petawawa Boulevard is what was really meant when the current liberal leader said “We’re baacck.”

It was only because the Conservative Official Opposition was able to hammer every day in Parliament that the liberal sponsorship scandal missing millions was exposed.

The passage of the Federal Accountability Act, the first legislation enacted under the new 2006 Conservative Government of Stephen Harper, was intended to help clean up the huge ethical mess left over by the Chretien liberals’ sponsorship scandal.

The events of this last week in Parliament demonstrate how fragile democracy is in Canada. They also demonstrate the Liberal party did not learn its lesson the last time voters gave that party a much needed time-out.


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