What do pot sales and bringing back the long-gun registry have in common?

A lot, according to this Federal Government. They both waste time. Wasting Parliament’s time with foolish campaign promises that were made to be broken confirms what we said during the last election, Trudeau was not ready to govern and he’s still just not ready.

It is bad enough Trudeau wants to change the rules so he only shows up on one day a week for 45 minutes. When he is here he chooses to waste Parliament’s time.

The Liberal party has its priorities all wrong. Our softwood lumber companies are bracing for punishing fines that will cost local jobs. A carbon tax is driving up the cost of gas, heating fuel, and electricity. Government spending is out of control. Skyrocketing housing prices are crushing the dream of home-ownership. Manufacturing jobs are heading south of the border. Hundreds of people are illegally sneaking in Canada.

The last thing we need to do is bring back the hated long-gun registry.

We certainly do not need to line the pockets of organized crime by making pot more readily available to children.

Not one taxpayer I have spoken to has said ‘Cheryl, we need to waste another few billion dollars bringing back a gun registry’ or, ‘we need to legalize pot at this time.’ I have heard from many worried seniors who are finding it more and more difficult to pay their electricity bills. I hear from many young people who are now being forced to look for jobs outside Canada. They would like to come home.

On Thursday, April 13th, after Question Period, just before Parliament rose for a long Easter break, (not returning until May), the government tabled several pieces of controversial legislation. One Bill will legalize marijuana, and another Bill will start the process to bring back the long-gun registry by implementing another United Nations arms treaty.

The decision to dump the pot and gun bills onto Parliament just before the Easter recess clearly demonstrates the contempt this Prime Minister has for Canadians.

A very worrisome trend is developing in Ottawa. First, it was the attempt by this Prime Minister to change the way Canadians vote to benefit his party. Next, came Motion 103 to limit free speech. Then, came a whole set of rule changes that restrict the ways Parliament can hold the government accountable. The latest is a 300 page hide-and-seek budget bill.

Like Chretien before him, Trudeau will regret moving to bring back the long-gun registry. That, and legalizing pot at this time make no sense.

It is just wasting Parliament’s time.

There are far more important issues the government should be dealing with.

This distraction will backfire on them.


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