Shockwaves triggered by details of Trudeau’s plans to punish Canadians with his huge carbon tax increase are now just being felt. The time has come to expose this scam for what it is, and what it is not.

What it is not is a plan to fight man-made global warming, climate change, or whatever else Mother Nature is being accused of. What it is, is a tax grab by an out-of-control spending, deficit-obsessed government.

Climate change gets blamed for everything these days, including the deficit budget. The Liberal government in Ottawa has adopted the practice of the Liberal Party in Toronto in blaming each one of their bad policies, particularly out-of-control electricity prices, as necessary to fight man-made global warming. Like always, we the taxpayers have every right to be skeptical.

Canadians are being misinformed that radical environmental policies are necessary to save Canada and the world, with no explanation of cost or whether any of these policies are really necessary.

Local residents are only now finding out about Plan 2014 that was signed last December. Plan 2014 is an agreement that changes a regulating system that had been in place on the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River since 1958. Plan 2014 says it is designed to more closely mimic the lakes’ natural ups and down, and adds muskrats, fish, and other wildlife to the list of interests regulators must now consider when they decide how much water to release.

The new regulation blocks the flow of water through the Moses-Saunders dam located on the St. Lawrence River between Cornwall, Ontario, and Massena, New York. By blocking the flow of the St. Lawrence, the Great Lakes watershed is now backing up. One of its many goals is to create 64,000 acres of wetland to “fight climate change.” Property owners were not asked for permission to turn their land into swamps.

The other goal is to provide more electricity to the United States. The combination of Ontario’s failed electrical policies and the decision by the Ottawa Liberals to change a 59-year-old water agreement between Canada and the U.S. has created a manmade crisis. We had record rainfall, and the perfect storm of incompetence.

Plan 2014 was never brought before Parliament. There was no discussion or debate regarding the cost, including who would pay for losses due to flooding, or federal aid to deal with problems it might cause.

This is quite different from the treatment given by Trudeau to nations in Africa, who are given billions of Canadian taxpayers’ dollars, your dollars, in federal aid to “fight climate change” in those countries.

The Liberal carbon tax is a cash grab disguised as environmental policy.

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