I am pleased to announce the Enabling Accessibility Fund (EAF) is now accepting applications from both the Community Accessibility Stream and the Workplace Accessibility Stream.

For a decade, the Enabling Accessibility Fund has made Canadian communities and small businesses accessible to all Canadians living with disabilities.

The EAF can be used to the renovate, construct and retrofit workplaces, buildings, and community facilities, modify vehicles for community or work use, or the purchase of accessible information and communication technologies for work or community use.

The Deadline for applications is July 26th, 2017.

While I am pleased about the renewal of a Conservative measure which assists in removing barriers for Canadians living with disabilities, that does not explain why the Trudeau Liberals refuse to implement legislation I successfully introduced to Parliament to restrict the fees Disability Tax Credit promoters can charge to complete applications for the disability tax credit.

Four years ago, my Bill received unanimous consent in the House of Commons, including the votes of Trudeau and many of his current Ministers.

Three years ago it became law following Royal Assent, needing only regulations to come into force.

Two years ago, the public consultations on those regulations were completed and sent to the newly elected Liberal cabinet.

One year ago, the lobbying began when a group of tax credit promoters – those who would be restricted by my bill – started to lobby Liberal MPs in an effort to stop this bill. 30 different Liberal MPs have since been lobbied by this group, some multiple times.

Today, the regulations have still not come into force.

Cabinet has been sitting on them for nearly two years.

Why is Trudeau failing Canadians living with a disability?

Is it gross incompetence, petty partisan politics, or is he really OK with tax credit promoters exploiting Canadians living with a disability?

The EAF supports community- and workplace-based projects across Canada that improve accessibility, remove barriers, and enable Canadians with disabilities to participate in and contribute to their communities. The EAF was established by our Conservative Government in 2007 to help fund small projects in communities across Canada to improve physical accessibility for persons with disabilities. Since 2007, funding has been provided to over 2,300 accessibility projects across Canada.

If you are interested in applying or you would like more information on eligibility or on how to apply please, click here

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