Thank-you for your support, and to the many constituents who contacted this office to express your approval of former Speaker of the House of Commons Andrew Scheer, in his new role as Prime-Minister-in Waiting as the newly elected Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and Leader of Her Majesty’s Official Opposition in Ottawa.

The decision by the Trudeau Liberals to use the Paris Accord to raise taxes through their carbon tax hurts the working people in Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke.

The Liberal party motion I voted against was nothing more than cheap partisan politics at the expense of jobs, the economy, and a clean environment.

While other countries may associate the Paris Accord and carbon taxes with action on climate change, in Canada these new taxes are being used as an excuse for bad spending and increasing the tax burden on struggling Canadians.

The non-binding vote on the Paris carbon tax Motion was intended as a ‘theatrical gesture” to provide the former part-time drama teacher-turned liberal party leader with a backdrop for his next election campaign selfie.

I refuse to allow the taxpayers of Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke to be used as props in that staged tragedy.

The Paris carbon tax accord is behind liberal carbon tax policy to shift money out of your pocket into the pocket of big business and big government.

A clean environment does not need carbon taxes. The federal government should be helping our own citizens cope with changes in the climate first, before unaccountable billions are sent to other countries.

In Ontario, we have seen billions of your hard-earned tax dollars spent by the Toronto liberal party with the stated intention of combatting climate change.

The depressing truth, as noted by the Auditor-General of the Province, is that taxpayers and the environment will be paying for that carbon tax mistake in Ontario for a long, long time.

It is the same crew in Ottawa as in Toronto.

The Ontario “greed” energy policy does not inspire confidence in anyone. Burdening consumers with a carbon tax, driving up the cost of living with higher electricity and fuel prices and killing jobs, is the wrong way to respond to climate change.

Carbon taxes disproportionately place the highest tax burden on rural Canadians.

They suffer the most as new carbon taxes cut millions more out of the Canadian economy the way the provincial carbon tax on electricity has already eliminated tens of thousands of manufacturing jobs.

Eliminating jobs and raising taxes is liberal policy for climate action.

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