Last year it was campgrounds, this year it is doctors and small businesses in general.

The Trudeau Liberals are willing to risk killing jobs, especially scarce in rural Canada.

Can small businesses survive the impact of a 93 percent tax, without cutting jobs?

That is the combined tax rate estimated by Armstrong Economics.

July 18th this summer, the Federal Government, heavy in debt, announced it wants to end “income sprinkling”; “passive investments” funded from after tax business earnings; and “capital gains conversions” from private corporations’ regular income for lower taxes, and limit access to the lifetime capital gains exemption.

Small business owners pour all they can into growing and maintaining their companies, sometimes taking no salary to ensure survival.   If any of the proposed changes are made, local employers are saying it will not make financial sense to continue with the risk.

It is not too late for us to stop the Liberals’ attacks on people employed by Canadian small business owners. Public input is being sought on these tax measures until October 2nd, 2017. If you want to share your opinion with the Trudeau Liberals on their plan, you can do so through my website.

It is only through raising our voices in opposition that we can put a stop to these job killing plans.

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