The decision by the Trudeaucrats to sneak in a change in tax policy that targets working Canadians should come as no surprise to people concerned about their annual tax bill.

By claiming the change is not really a change is the same tactic that was used to go after family-owned campgrounds.

The good news is, that strong push-back by Conservatives, backed up by thousands of retails workers outraged at being Trudeau’s latest tax target, has caused the liberal party to blink.

The bad news is, the Income Tax Act is thousands of pages long, over a million words.

As you read this, hundreds of Trudeaucrats are scouring the pages of the Act looking for other sections to “re-interpret.”

All to separate you from your hard-earned dollars to pay for bad spending.

Caught in the latest tax grab, Trudeau has instructed his tax collectors to slow the ball down by pausing collection efforts with “consultations.”

Consultations for the liberal party are where they do all the talking and you are told to shut up and listen.

The tax collectors are coming regardless of what they hear from the Canadian public.

The latest “consultation” on whether to proceed with taxing so-called employee benefits promises to be another scam on the same scale as poverty meters.

The next time the federal government uses the word consultation, tell Trudeau to get out of your pockets!

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