Quadeville, ON – Cheryl Gallant, Member of Parliament for Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke, met with members of the Madawaska Valley Fish & Game Club to hear their concerns over the proposed federal firearms law, Bill C-71, and calls for a complete ban on pistols and sidearms.

“The Trudeau Liberals’ Bill C-71 has no new measures to combat gang and gun violence or escalating crime rates in our rural communities,” said MP Gallant. “Conservatives support measures that target thugs and criminals, not seizing property from law abiding sport shooters.”

Club members came prepared with questions asking how they will be impacted by the Liberals’ proposed changes. A Canadian armed Forces Veteran asked if seeking treatment for PTSD, many years ago, would disqualify him when he goes in to renew his firearms licence. Others wondered if the government would compensate property owners when the RCMP moves to unilaterally prohibit previously legal firearms.

“We all grew up using long guns to hunt. Handguns were for ‘the bad guys’, but once you learn the sport, you realize the only bad guys with hand guns are those getting them illegally,” said Club Member Tim Schison.

Others club members talked about their frustration at feeling targeted by the federal government, which uses their tax dollars to pay confessed terrorists millions of dollars and allowing ISIS fighters to arrive from Syria even though they have tortured, raped, enslaved and murdered citizens abroad.

Several members pointed to the futility of banning law abiding Canadians from purchasing firearms, while gangs continue to smuggle in handguns from the United States.

“It’s lazy government to ask all Canadians to follow new laws, while the real work is in targeting and going after criminals,” said MP Cheryl Gallant. “We need to strengthen penalties for gun crime, and keep known gang members behind bars, two areas where the Trudeau Liberals have failed.”

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