I am urging all Veterans to speak out against government plans to extend wait times for Veterans to receive benefits and support services to which they are entitled.

During the last election Trudeau made a solemn promise to Veterans. No service cutbacks. This is another broken Liberal party promise. What Veterans and their families have seen, are Veterans’ benefits being wasted on empty offices in government-held ridings, and money being paid to a convicted cop-killer, who never served one day of his life in a military uniform.

According to documents obtained by The Canadian Press, Veterans can expect wait times to double from 4 months to 8 months before even finding out if they qualify, let alone when they will receive any assistance. A refusal of benefits can take years to appeal. Veterans cannot afford to go to court to endlessly appeal bad decisions. They need their funds to survive on.

Appeals take years and are stacked in favour of the government. Retired Warrant Officer Roger Perrault is an Afghanistan Veteran, who was wounded serving his country. Injured in a bomb explosion, Roger is being denied the critical injury benefit. He is being told his multiple surgeries starting at age 37 after his service injury are the result of ‘getting old’. That is outrageous. How is it, this government can give $10.5 million dollars to a convicted terrorist bomb maker like Omar Khadr,  yet refuses to recognize a Canadian hero?

The latest outrage against our Canadian Veterans is the plan by the Trudeau liberal party to welcome to Canada captured Islamic State terrorists. Currently, they are being held in detention in other countries.

These are individuals, who renounced western values and their Canadian citizenship to join the Islamic revolution in the Middle East. As the lawlessness of the region prevents Canadian legal authorities from investigating their roles in the atrocities committed by the terrorist group ISIS, once in Canada, they will be freed to join the general population. Canadian taxpayers are being charged to pay for the return and settlement these individuals.

Veterans, who were lied to and misled in the last election, are encouraged to speak out against the latest service cuts to Veterans and their families.

Co-Sign Cheryl's Letter To Trudeau

  • Dear Prime Minister,

    You stated that veterans are asking for more than you can give.

    Instead of increasing benefits to veterans, you have re-directed veterans’ funds to hire more bureaucrats and pay office leases to wealthy developers.

    You decided that Omar Khadr was deserving of a secret payout, reportedly worth over $10.5 million.

    Instead of fighting the case in court, you tried to secretly payoff Omar Khadr.

    You have established a dangerous precedent.

    Can you commit to Canadians that not one single dollar of their hard earned tax money will go towards payoffs for people who took up arms against Canadian soldiers?

    Soldiers, like the ones you personally deployed to the Middle East, do not want to hear you say there is not enough for them when they retire, while your government gives cash to terrorists captured and detained by allied forces.

    If these returning terrorists do launch lawsuits, we expect you to fight the case, all the way to the Supreme Court if need be, rather than quickly caving as you did in the case of Omar Khadr.

    Better yet, leave them in jail where they are, and avoid the risk Canadians giving jackpots to jihadists.

    Cheryl Gallant, M.P.

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