Justin Trudeau still has not come clean to Canadians about his knowledge of and role in reported attempts from his office to influence the criminal prosecution of SNC-Lavalin.

Mr. Trudeau must answer the following 20 questions immediately:

On his Sept. 17, 2018 meeting with Jody Wilson-Raybould:

1. Did he request this meeting? 

2. Was he aware that the Director of Public Prosecution had already denied SNC-Lavalin a deferred prosecution agreement (DPA) when he met with her? 

3. Why did he believe it necessary to remind her of her authority in SNC-Lavalin’s prosecution after her officials had made their decision?

4. If the purpose of this meeting was not to indicate to the Attorney General his preferred decision on SNC-Lavalin’s prosecution, what was the purpose of the meeting? 

5. Did the Sept. 18 meeting between Privy Council Clerk Michael Wernick and SNC-Lavalin happen at his request after his meeting with Ms. Wilson-Raybould?

On Gerald Butts’ Dec. 5, 2018 meeting with Jody Wilson-Raybould:

6. Did he direct Mr. Butts to meet with her?

7. Did Mr. Butts report back to him on the outcome the meeting?

8. Did Mr. Butts exert pressure or threaten her as it relates to SNC-Lavalin’s prosecution at the meeting?

9. Why did Mr. Butts tell her to contact Mr. Wernick?

10. Did Mr. Wernick inform him of his conversation(s) with Ms. Wilson-Raybould that came about at the request of Mr. Butts?

On the January 14, 2019 cabinet shuffle:

11. Did he remove Ms. Wilson-Raybould because she refused to overrule the Director of Public Prosecutions on SNC-Lavalin’s prosecution?

12. Did he choose David Lametti to replace Ms. Wilson-Raybould as Attorney General because he knew Mr. Lametti would overrule the Director of Public Prosecutions on SNC-Lavalin’s prosecution?

13. Did Mr. Butts play a role in his decision to remove Ms. Wilson-Raybould?

On the February 12, 2019 cabinet resignation of Jody Wilson-Raybould:

14. What reason did Ms. Wilson-Raybould give him for her resignation?

15. Was SNC-Lavalin’s prosecution cited or alluded to in any discussions between the two of them regarding her resignation?

On the February 18, 2019 resignation of Gerald Butts:

16. Is Mr. Butts’ resignation at all linked to SNC-Lavalin’s prosecution?

17. Has the RCMP contacted Mr. Butts?

18. Why did he accept Mr. Butts resignation if Mr. Butts did nothing wrong?

On the questions of solicitor-client privilege and a public inquiry:

19. Will he waive solicitor-client privilege so Ms. Wilson-Raybould can speak?

20. Will he call a public inquiry so Canadians can get answers on this matter?

Trudeau wants to cover-up this scandal.

He is hoping the media will get bored and move.

If Trudeau won’t call a public inquiry, then Canadians must demand it.

Sign the official petition demanding the government launch a public inquiry at cherylgallant.com/-trudeau-scandal

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