Justin Trudeau simply cannot continue to govern this great nation now that Canadians know what he has done.

He has lost the moral authority to govern.

He must resign.

The RCMP must immediately open an investigation into the numerous examples of potentially criminal activity Ms. Wilson-Raybould detailed.

This was clearly an unwanted, sustained, and co-ordinated campaign to bully her into bending the law to benefit a well-connected corporation.

The details are as shocking as they are corrupt:

  • Multiple veiled threats to her job if she didn’t bow to their demands.
  • Urgings to consider the consequences on election results and shareholder value above judicial due process.
  • And reminders from Justin Trudeau to his Attorney General about his own electoral prospects should she allow SNC-Lavalin’s trial to proceed.

As her testimony made clear, Justin Trudeau doesn’t know where the Liberal Party ends and where the Government of Canada begins.

As we enter a critical budget debate, and with other pressing matters of public interest in need of action, Mr. Trudeau’s cabinet must now find a way forward without Justin Trudeau.

They have a duty to govern this nation.

Not help a disgraced Prime Minister hang onto power.

There are more than enough grounds for the RCMP to investigate this matter.

Based on Ms. Wilson-Raybould’s testimony, Sections 139(2) and 423(1) of the Criminal Code are worth looking at in relation to the SNC-Lavalin Affair.

I encourage you to contact the RCMP Commissioner and request this matter be investigated immediately.

You can use the form below to send a letter right now.

Letter to RCMP

  • Dear Commissioner Lucki,

    The former Attorney General has raised allegations of political interference in the prosecution of SNC-Lavalin.

    I request the RCMP move without delay to investigate the allegations that the Prime Minister directed his staff to obstruct justice.

    Without a swift investigation to determine whether the Prime Minister is a criminal or not, Canadians’ faith in our justice system will quickly deteriorate.

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