Advancing ethics in politics through gender equality will be a top priority for a new Conservative Government.

March 8, International Women’s Day, provides an opportunity to recognize the actions of ethical women in federal politics.

The women who were forced to resign or quit due to the unethical behavior of the Liberal Party should be acknowledged, not bullied by an unethical Prime Minister.

First there was Leona Alleslev, the MP for Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill, Ontario, who as a military Veteran, could not in all good conscience after the broken promises, continue to sit in the liberal caucus. Today she sits as a proud member of the Conservative caucus!

Next, the Hon. Member for Vancouver-Granville quit the Liberal cabinet after being repeatedly pressured to engage in unethical behavior. Then, the female MP for Whitby, Ontario announced she was not running for the Liberal party after only one term. Now, the female MP for Markham-Stouffville has quit the Liberal cabinet on strong principles.

The sad thing about this whole Liberal corruption scandal is not the fact that MPs resigned on strong principles. The sad fact is the number of remaining female Liberal caucus members, who have not resigned.

It was outrageous when the Prime Minister’s own unwanted sexual advances toward a female reporter, an incident known as the ‘Kokanee grope’, were revealed. At that time, not one female Liberal MP rose to defend the female reporter, who was subjected to an unwanted sexual advance by the Prime Minister in her workplace. Silence is tacit approval.

What are Canadians expected to take away from this incident of groping that took place between the Prime Minister and a young female reporter? First and foremost, this incident is about hypocrisy, saying one thing and applying a different set of rules to one’s own behaviour. It is about believing women, until it happens, then deny and hope the clock runs out on the media cycle.

It has been noted by the CBC there is no dispute this incident happened. In 2018, the excuse “I did not think I was doing anything wrong” does not pass the smell test. Worst of all, the Prime Minister has shown no ability to grow with the job and learn from his mistakes. The latest Liberal scandal is proof of that. Women in Canada deserve better from a Prime Minister, who claims to be a feminist. Young women are smart enough to spot a hypocrite when they see one. All parliamentarians have a responsibility to be positive role models, starting with the Prime Minister. What this incident has taught Canadian women is they cannot trust this Prime Minister.

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