Figures provided to me by the Library of Parliament confirm the President of the United States was right in referring to the Liberal party leader as ‘two-faced’ in his performance at the NATO Summit in London, England.

With numbers provided by the Library of Parliament, and a major Canadian news outlet, the actual figure that Canada is investing in Canadian’s security is less than one per-cent.

There is a shortfall of 8.3 billion dollars between the figure reported to NATO and the real figure. The shortfall increases by another 2 billion dollars after Trudeau came up with the number 1.4 when asked directly by the U.S. President how much Canada is investing in defence.

This Prime Minister can not even keep his story straight.

The NATO alliance is a critical piece of Canada’s national security. Keeping NATO united is a national interest. European leaders are debating whether they should form another European Union defence force.

The United States is questioning the commitment of its allies to NATO. Canada should be playing a central role in bringing the alliance together, but under Trudeau our nation has lost credibility.

Our European allies are facing a renewed threat from Russia. China is developing its Arctic military capabilities. NATO partners are working in Iraq and Syria trying to destroy ISIS. The security challenges in the world are increasing, but under Trudeau Canada is coming up short.

If Trudeau was being honest with Canadians, he would admit his plan is to fall even further behind.

What this demonstrates is Trudeau has no credibility with budget numbers, at home or abroad. A 10.7 billion dollar discrepancy may be casually flipped off as “budgets balancing themselves”.

The reality is quite different. Trudeau should spend some time learning what a working budget is before he embarrasses Canadians again on the world stage.

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