Private property, heritage, culture, and firearms rights are bedrock issues for the people of Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke. The Throne Speech is a clear attempt to change our culture. Lawful firearms owners are tired of being blamed for the failures of the Liberal party. Banning firearms in Canada to fight crimes committed in the United States is a diversionary tactic from the real issues Canadians are concerned about.  Job losses, higher taxes, lack of affordable housing, and the rising cost of living thanks to the Liberal Carbon Tax, are issues they are drawing attention away from.

Laying false blame for violence against women on law-abiding citizens for incidents of violence in society is a two-faced tactic from a divisive Prime Minister, who has divided our country in a way not seen since his father used similar methods to retain power. A free people should not be subject to draconian government measures.

The vast majority of Canadians rejected Trudeau and his party. He has no mandate to target law-abiding Canadians. Not since his father, have Canadians been subjected to a more divisive, small minded head of a political party. Trudeau has no mandate to target any group in society who disagree on the basis of politics and ideology.

On banning ‘military assault rifles’ and handguns:

  • Automatic firearms for military use are already prohibited;
  • High-capacity magazines have been banned in Canada for decades;
  • The experts say the best way to make Canada safer is to tackle criminals and gangs who use illegal weapons to commit violent crimes;
  • Whenever Liberals talk about gun violence, they fail to address the issue and end up going after law-abiding firearms owners;
  • Rather than propose real solutions to put gang members behind bars, Liberals have actually reduced the penalty for gang crime to as little as a fine. This is shameful;
  • The fact is that the vast majority of firearms owners respect Canada’s gun laws. It’s criminals who do not. Creating new laws will not stop criminals from breaking the existing ones;
  • Canada’s Conservatives will oppose any law that targets law-abiding firearms owners without creating a safer Canada for families;
  • It’s much harder to go after gangs and drug traffickers and illegal gun traffickers. That’s precisely what our plan will do. Increasing resources to the CBSA and targeting known members of gangs. Those will lead to greater safety;
  • And we listened to the experts on this. The chiefs of the police in the largest communities and cities all over the country agree that banning firearms and asking law-abiding firearms owners to follow laws will not make the community safer.
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