Fresh off Justin Trudeau’s limitations of free speech lecture tour, his Minister of Censorship introduced Bill C-10.

Bill C-10, An Act to Amend the Broadcasting Act and to make related and consequential amendments to other Acts, is a dangerous new Liberal bill that hands unbridled power to the government.

It will to tax music and video streaming services.

Of special concern is the power to regulate the type of content Canadians can and cannot see online.

These companies will pass Trudeau’s Streaming Tax on to you, or they might just leave the Canadian market all together.

Netflix, Apple, Amazon have all purchased movies and television programs produced in Canada. This created thousands of well paid jobs.

Trudeau’s Streaming Tax puts those Canadian jobs at risk.

It is akin to taxing and regulating automobiles to save the Canadian horse and buggy industry.

Except Trudeau doesn’t care about Canadian jobs, he cares about what Canadians watch.

The government plans to tax these streaming services and give the money to government approved film and television producers to make Liberal approved politically correct programing.

The Liberals will claim they are not the ones doing the censorship.

They will say they are leaving those decisions up to the Canadian Radio & Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), except Bill C-10 gives the government fast track powers to overrule the CRTC.

Here is yet another anti-democratic assault on your freedom.

It’s a tax on your TV.

It must be stopped.

Conservatives have a better plan.

Instead of taxing foreign streaming services, we will eliminate the GST on Canadian streaming services so they can compete on a level playfield.

Trudeau’s only solution to every problem is tax it or ban it.

Canada needs a government with positive solutions to the technological challenges of the information age.

Together with my colleagues in the Conservative Party, we will be that government. If you oppose Bill C-10, please, let your Member of Parliament know.

Contact Your MP About Bill C-10

  • As your constituent, I am writing to express my opposition to Bill C-10, An Act to Amend the Broadcasting Act and to make related and consequential amendments to other Acts.

    Regulating internet content sets a dangerous precedent and is a threat to freedom of expression.

    Please, vote NO on Bill C-10.

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