Veterans deserve our thanks, not just on Remembrance Day, but every day – for their service, for their sacrifice, and for everything they have given in service of our country.

There is a sacred trust between Canadians and those brave soldiers, sailors, and aircrew who have put service before self.

Ensuring that our veterans and their families have the services and benefits they need and deserve will always be a priority for the Conservative Party of Canada.

We are committed to:

  • Ending the two-stream benefit system (Canadian Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs) and replacing them with one streamlined system of benefits from enlistment to end of life;
  • Ensuring financial security and transition support for injured veterans and their families;
  • Streamlining benefit adjudication and setting performance targets to ensure that the benefit system is focused on helping our veterans rather than on outdated procedures;
  • Allowing veterans and their families to direct their own care and rehabilitation;
  • Insisting on Care, Compassion, and Respect in every aspect of Veteran services; and
  • Ensuring the benefit system is focused not only on compensation but on the re-establishment of veterans to meaningful careers, homes and communities, through partnerships with Universities, Colleges, and Canadian Businesses.

Conservatives believe in providing the best possible services for veterans and their families, in recognition of their service to Canada.

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