It is a credit to the skills and effectiveness of women and men of the Canadian Armed Forces that they are called upon during emergencies.  

As the Member of Parliament for Garrison Petawawa, it is my duty to ensure those serving have all the support they are due.  

When Parliament resumes next week, I will be seeking answers as to why Canadian Armed Forces are being sent to Latvia without even the option to be vaccinated, despite a recent outbreak in theater. 

At the same time deployed military members are being denied the option, vulnerable prisoners are getting vaccinated.

A number of Canadian Armed Forces personnel have already been diagnosed with contracting covid-19 while serving their duty on our behalf.

But we cannot be sure all of them have been diagnosed.

Various media have been reporting that a contingent of Canadian Armed Forces personnel became ill while in Wuhan for the World Military Games, and came down with pneumonia after returning in October of 2019.  

We have a letter from the previous CAF Surgeon General stating they did not need to be tested because the Chinese Communist Government had told the world it started at a food market. 

Sadly we are learning more and more about the lingering symptoms of covid-19.

Should their illness lead to future medical complications, having been denied testing, they will have to fight Veterans Affairs for coverage.

Know that I will be there to fight for them.

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