During a speech in the House of Commons on Monday, I urged a divided Liberal caucus to support small modular reactors.

“I want to assure the Minister of Natural Resources that he has my continuing support when it comes to good jobs in the nuclear sector,” said MP Gallant. “The nuclear industry is a big employer in my constituency and has been since the dawn of the nuclear age.”

MP Gallant urged the federal government to support construction of an experimental reactor replacement for the National Research Universal (NRU) nuclear reactor. The NRU was a critical national infrastructure, which was recently decommissioned after almost 60 years of faithful service.

“Not only does the Minister of Natural Resources have my full support for Canada to get in the game, and join other advanced, western nations like the United States and the United Kingdom, who are investing in next generation build, he has my full support to fund a replacement for the National Research Universal (NRU) nuclear reactor,” said MP Gallant.

Gallant called on Liberal caucus members, who have opposed the nuclear industry, and who oppose the development at Chalk River to listen to the experts, trust the science, and support Canada’s nuclear workers.

“I agree with James Hansen, the NASA scientist that is held in high esteem by environmentalists, when he states that  based on science and facts, the world cannot tackle threats to the environment without nuclear energy in the energy mix.”

Along with putting her support for the government’s SMR Action Plan on the record, Gallant also cited the widespread community support for developing small modular reactors in Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke. In her speech Gallant quoted Deep River Mayor Suzanne D’Eon, “The Town of Deep River is keenly interested to do more to encourage and facilitate the accelerated development and roll-out of SMRs locally, throughout Canada, and globally. We are passionate about becoming the first host community of a vSMR in Canada and to be ambassadors and a real-life demonstration example for small or remote northern communities who may not yet have a comfort level with nuclear.”

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