Ottawa, ON – MP Cheryl Gallant rose in the House of Commons yesterday, and continued pressing the Liberals to end their obstruction of the National Defence Committee’s investigation into sexual misconduct.

“The Liberal Members of the Committee are doing everything they can to debase their honour in order to protect Prime Minister Trudeau,” said MP Gallant. “It is sad to see the two Liberal women on the committee leading the charge to cover-up for Trudeau.”

Continuing the debate started in Question Period, MP Cheryl Gallant highlighted the ways the government’s rhetoric on protecting women has fallen short of its record.

“This policy failure of the Prime Minister and his government, and his failure to deal with sexual harassment in the military, can be traced to his treatment of women,” said Gallant. “It is no different to the way the Prime Minister treats women in his own party, women like the former justice minister during the SNC-Lavalin scandal.”

On Monday, the Liberal Chair of the Defence Committee indefinitely suspended the committee meeting, in violation of parliamentary principles and customary practice.

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