During Paramedic Services Week, and on behalf of the residents of Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke, I wish to thank all the women and men serving as paramedics in Renfrew County.

Across the county, 138 front-line paramedics provide 24-hour emergency coverage with a fleet of 19 Paramedic Service Vehicles. Generally, each vehicle is staffed by two paramedics, one is a Primary Care Paramedic and the other an Advanced Care Paramedic.

Every day they put their own health and safety on the line to protect and rescue us. This has never been more so, as our brave paramedics lead the pandemic response alongside Renfrew County Public Health. Our local paramedics lead the way in testing and outreach to elderly and isolated Renfrew County residents.  

Throughout this pandemic, our paramedics have shown up for us. They have demonstrated real courage, compassion, and dedication. We cannot thank them enough. Thank you to every paramedic, the leadership team, and their support staff.

Thank you.

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