Yesterday, after a vote in caucus, Erin O’Toole stepped down as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

I want to thank Erin for his service to our country in both his capacity as a former Canadian Armed Forces member, and as Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, and for his graceful exit.

I wish to congratulate my friend and colleague, Candice Bergen on being elected as our interim leader. Candice has proven her leadership and commitment to our Party’s values when she successfully passed legislation to end the Liberal’s failed long-gun registry.

The Conservative Party has begun the process of selecting a new leader. I encourage all Canadians who are tired of Liberal lockdowns to come together under the Conservative banner. Justin Trudeau can only win a majority if Conservatives are divided. That is why Trudeau stokes fear and division.

I look forward to working with our new leader to put forward a positive vision which unites Canadians.

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