Bill C-71, The Harassing Firearms Owners Act


The Liberals have officially introduced bill C-71, An Act to Harass Law-Abiding Firearms Owners with More and More Paperwork.

The more non-firearms owning Canadians learn about this bill, the less they like it.

Desperate to move on from an issue they thought would be winner, the Liberals have announced they are limiting debate on Bill C-71.

To cut off debate after only one day is not the action of a government that has confidence in its bill.

The Liberals are afraid, let’s make them panic.

Take action to stop C-71!

Tell your MP you don’t support Trudeau’s decision to shut down debate.

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  • TO: Prime Minister Trudeau
  • Dear Prime Minister,

    The decision by the Liberal Government to shut down debate on Bill C-71, the Harassing Gun Owners Act, is wrong.

    Since the introduction of C-71, Canadians have been asking local MPs to speak out against legislation they feel unfairly targets law-abiding firearms owners.

    Your decision to limit debate in response to calls for more debate is a clear slap in the face to thousands of voters.

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