Chalk River Labs

Chalk River Laboratories

The Future of Chalk River Labs

The process of modernization at the Chalk River Laboratories is moving forward to a Government-owned, Contractor operator (GoCo) governance model. A Government Owned Contractor Operated (GOCO) model of governance, following the U.S. and British practice, provides for a proven, cost effective, high accountability approach to management and operations of a national laboratory. A GOCO partnership shares the risk between government and the private sector. It allows each partner to perform duties for which it is uniquely suited: the government establishes mission areas and sets performance targets; and the private sector implements the missions using best business practices that ensure simultaneous excellence—excellent technology solutions delivered by the best scientists, engineers and managers; excellent operations, protecting employees, the public and the environment; and excellent community involvement, contributing to important economic needs.

A comprehensive program of technology transfer and commercialization implemented by the Chalk River National Nuclear Laboratory would sustain, attract and/or create companies and employment in the upper Ottawa Valley as a technology research and development hub. Innovation Valley North in the upper Ottawa valley is a partnership, taking advantage of the AECL platform of knowledge, assisted by many initiatives announced in Budget 2013.


As Canada’s premier nuclear science and technology (S&T) organization AECL serves an important public policy role in nuclear matters, providing advice, counsel and service as an agent of the federal government. We serve the nation as an enabler of business innovation and technology transfer. And, we foster the development of highly-qualified people for the knowledge economy to come.

Chalk River, ON, Canada

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