Camps in Crisis

  • Dear Minister of Families, Children and Social Development,

    The nature of the COVID-19 economic and public health crisis means many of Canada’s children’s camps will not survive the summer.

    Having hundreds of these camps shuttered will not only have a devastating economic impact, but a negative effect on the well-being of children and our culture as a whole.

    I am asking you to take the following actions to ensure camps can survive the coronavirus crisis:

    1. The 75% wage subsidy should be extended to seasonal businesses;
    2. Establish a Sustainability Fund directed specifically at camps and other seasonal businesses;
    3. Permit small business owners, whose source of income is derived from the operation of summer camps, to apply for the Canada Emergency Relief Benefit (CERB);
    4. Work-sharing rules under the Employment Insurance program should be adjusted to ensure that summer students employed by camps, as well as other seasonal workers, can avail themselves of this potential opportunity to gain at least some work experience and income.

    Please, save Canada’s children’s camps.

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