Fire Bill Blair

Petition To Fire Bill Blair

  • Whereas as examination of the new regulations with officials from Public Safety, CBSA, Global Affairs, RCMP and the Department of Justice showed their clear lack of understanding of the subject matter, and that little care was taken in the preparation of these documents;

    and whereas officials from these departments were unable to provide a working definition of the firearms that were placed on the "banned" list and displayed a shocking ignorance of current laws, and were unable to answer simple questions about how the current ban would dovetail with the prohibitions contained in Bill C-71;

    and whereas it was claimed that the Minister, Bill Blair, had ruled that the firearms contained on the list were unsuitable for sport or hunting, despite the fact the government of Canada had been providing transport permits for the "purposes of sport shooting" for well over 30 years; 

    and whereas many of the firearms that were claimed to be unsuitable for hunting were given exemptions for First Nation Canadians so they could continue to use them for hunting, a clear violation of Canada’s constitution;

    and whereas all transport of the newly prohibited firearms is not permitted within the two-year amnesty period, owners of these firearms will find themselves in serious legal jeopardy should they move residences;

    and whereas police chiefs across Canada that have repeatedly states that firearms bans will have little to no effect on gun violence in this country;

    and whereas this firearms ban was pushed through an undemocratic Order in Council, with no debate or discussion in Parliament, in the middle of a pandemic when Parliament is suspended;

    we, the undersigned, call upon the House of Commons to adopt a resolution stating that the Prime Minister and Canadians have been poorly served by Minister Blair and request for his immediate removal from this portfolio, and for the immediate withdrawal of this flawed Order in Council:

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