Open Up the Firearms Reference Table

The Liberals are continually banning firearms, but not letting the public know.

Police have access to the real-time database of firearms listing their classification.

Everyone else who wants to search must sift through a hundred thousand page pdf file a week later.

Law-abiding firearms owners run the risk of breaking the law by unknowingly transporting a prohibited firearm, even if according to the most recent pdf of the Firearms Reference Table lists it as non-restricted.

Bill Blair made a mess and the RCMP are helping him to make worse.

The least they could do is make the firearms reference table as easily accessible to the taxpayers, who fund it, as they do for themselves.

If you believe the firearms reference table should be open, transparent, and accessible in real time send a letter to the RCMP Commissioner.

  • Dear Commissioner,

    The Firearms Reference Table (FRT) must be open, searchable, and accessible to the public in real time.

    As the RCMP reclassify non-restricted firearms to prohibited based on the May 1st Order-In-Council, law-abiding firearms owners may be criminalized because they do not have real time access to the FRT.

    Please, take immediate steps to permit Canadians access, and conduct searches in real time using the FRT.

    Thank you for your prompt attention on this matter.


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