The Supreme Court of Canada recently struck down our nation’s laws against prostitution, referencing the Charter of Rights & Freedoms.

Our Justice Minister has consulted with citizens, and is finalizing the proposed legislation.

Indications are that those who see prostitutes as victims only, have been the loudest.

It is crucial that if you want to KEEP RED LIGHT DISTRICTS OUT OF CANADA, you must act now!

Please, co-sign my letter to our Justice Minister.

  • Dear Minister Mackay,

    Following the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision to strike down the existing legal framework pertaining to prostitution, I am concerned that through the course of the public consultations on the new laws, those who see prostitutes as victims only, may have been the most active in providing input.

    Minister, it is crucial that the new legislation reflects the belief that prostitution is a crime, and should remain off our streets and away from the sight of our children.

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