Say No to New Taxes in Budget 2017!


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  • Dear Prime Minister,

    A majority of Canadians voted for parties promising a balanced budget.

    Only 39% of Canadians voted to give you a mandate to borrow $30 billion over 3 years and you have already exceeded your credit limit.

    Not a single Canadian voted for new taxes on the internet, health, or soda pop.

    Canadians can’t afford new taxes, when we’re already paying carbon taxes, income taxes, property taxes and HST.

    Enough is enough.

    You do not have mandate to introduce new taxes.

    You do not have social licence to introduce new taxes.

    You do not have my permission to introduce new taxes in Budget 2017.

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Justin Trudeau wants to introduce new taxes in Budget 2017 to pay for his out of control deficit spending.

Canadians can’t afford new taxes on internet services, health plans, or soda pop.

We need to send Trudeau a clear message. No new taxes in Budget 2017!

The next budget could be tabled as early as March 7, so we don’t have much time.

Sign this letter and each day Trudeau bothers to show up for Question Period I will personally hand him your letter.

If enough Canadians speak out we might be able to stop Trudeau’s new taxes.

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