CNL’s Near Surface Disposal Facility Questions and Answers

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Is this a first of its kind disposal facility in Canada?

What Safeguards will be put in place to protect Canadian in the environment?

What kind of assurances can you give to citizens that an emergency similar to that in the Hanford Reservation in Washington State will not take place?

The consortium that won the bid to manage Canadian Nuclear Laboratories expires in 2025, how do you know they wont just up and leave a radioactive mess?

How do we know that the drinking water obtained from the Ottawa River will still be safe and will avoid contamination in the years to come?

The near surface disposal facility is located near a major earth quake fault line, what is being done to safe guard against major earth quakes?

In a similar scenario to what has happened recently, in May 2017, what will be done to keep the environment safe in case of flooding?


A separate disposal project failed to pass in the 1990’s in Chalk River. how is this project at Chalk River different from the project in the 90’s?

Originally this site was only to contain low level waste from all over Canada, now the project is rumored to be taking in waste from all over Canada and on higher danger levels. What will be done in order to safeguard the environment from the dangers of more volatile waste?


With many causes of leaks being identified within facilities like these, especially relating to the plastic material used in containment, what will be done to prevent leaks from occurring and harming our environment and citizens?

What steps are being taken by the CNSC in order to ensure public safety and have a proper environmental assessment prior to the approval of the NSDF site?

What is the advantage to creating the NSDF when waste is already being stored with minimal chance of water contamination at this time, at Chalk River Laboratories?

Is the consultation with the public about this project over, or do citizens still have a chance to speak up?


While accepting waste from different CNL facilities, how can you be sure that you are only accepting the approved low and intermediate level waste?


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